Conference Topics

The 2nd International research Conference on Physical Education, Sport Science and Health Tourism

August 8-10, 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Physical Education

Exercise and training sciences
Global Goals and sports
Health Education and Health Promotion
Health Science
Innovation and sports
Issue on the Modern Olympic Movement
Physical Activity
Physical activity and health
Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education
Physical education and sports
Physical education and sports for disabled
Physical fitness
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Recreation and Tourism
Social and Sport
Traditional sports and games

Sport Science

Exercise and Sports Physiology
Motor Development and Learning
Sports and discrimination
Sports and Exercise Sciences
Sports and Health
Sports and Tourism
Sports bio mechanics
Sports Business
Sports Economy, Sponsorship and Marketing
Sports for all and Olympics
Sports History
Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Sports Management
Sports nutrition
Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
Sports Philosophy
Sports physiology
Sports psychology
Sports Sociology
Sports technology
Training and Movement Science

Health Tourism

Health Travel Metrics & Reliable Global Index
Impact of Technological Innovation on Health Tourism
Areas of Health Tourism Experience
Medical Tourism Insurance
Patient Centered care
Role of social media influencers in the Health Tourism industry
The Future of Health Tourism